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Please note, emails take at least 24-hours for a response.

  • Can I wash my label?
    Please do not put your labelled items in the dish washer. You can wash them by hand no problem, of course any harh scrubbing can cousre the decal to lift but washing them by hand with soap will be fine.
  • How long does it take?
    All orders are custom made, by hand, by me, I do not rely on large-machinery as I'm a small-business. I aim to get all orders out as quickly as possible, I try to work with a three day turn around , so that means from placeing your order to getting it out to shipping. Once shipped, it is out of my control and into the hands of the postal service
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes I ship worldwide, I use a number of different methods for over seas shipping depending on the current status of the world and to which country. Please feel free to DM me with any questions. Prices are subject to local taxes, handling fees and shipping costs. Please Note that you are responisble for any charges you receive once the order has arrived your country.
  • My label has white paper on it and won't stick?
    Its ok, your label has lifted with some of the backing paper. Don’t worry sometimes the label cuts a little too deep and lifts some of the backing paper with it. If you can slowly remove the backing paper from the decal using you fingers, a pair of tweezers or a safty pin. Once removed your label will be ready to apply. Any problems please feel free to contact us here.
  • Most important.. How do I stick my label ?
    Don't worry this is pretty easy. in just 5 simple steps. Step 1. Clean the area with water, do not use detergent or fairy liquid as these leave residue. Step 2. Rub over your decal with a credit card ( you can skip this part) Step 3. Now you can see there are two layers, one is clear and one is the white paper, slowly peel the clear sticky paper away making sure the decal is stuck to it. Step 4. Once you have removed the decal from the white paper you can now apply your vinyl word to your chosen surface and smooth over the decal with a credit card or squeegee firmly with your hands. Step 5. Now slowly removed the clear sticky paper from the surface the decal should remain.. if not don't worry just go over it again with the credit card (or your nail) and wola.its done.. if u see any bubbles or wrinkles in the decal just give them rub over it should smooth out.
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